Terms of Services

Terms and Conditions

Please be advised that your order will be ready between 10 to 21 business days after you make the 60% deposit . You will be

contacted when your order is ready for pickup or delivery. Thank you.

Artwork Proof Disclaimer:

1. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the proof is correct in all areas. Please be sure to double-check spelling,

grammar, layout and design before approving artwork.

2. If a proof containing errors is approved by the client, the client is responsible for payment of all original costs of printing

(design time, printing, tax if applicable) including corrections and reprints.

3. The client is 100% responsible for approvals of Copyright, Trademark and Licensing Agreements of artwork.

4. All artwork must be approved by the client through electronic means (via e-mail) before a job can be entered into production.

5. Artwork Design Time will be deducted from the order even if the customer decides to cancel the order up to $150 dlls.

6. If supplies have been purchased, there is a 25% restocking fee plus shipping that will be deducted from the order.

7. In production sometimes you misprint or damage up to 3% of the total order exodus it’s not responsible to pay or replace any

type or garment , please Provide 1 to 2 extra pcs to complete your full order.

By clicking "Quote Approval", I acknowledge my approval of applicable artwork and release Exodus Designs and Printing or any other

third party from liability.